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Ever had that awkward moment when you bump into an old stylist and feel guilty for leaving them? Yeah, we know the feeling too well. But here at Revamp, we don't see you as a possession – we see you as a PERSON.

We believe that the key to killer service is building a connection with your stylist. And if for whatever reason you need a change, no worries! We encourage stylist swapping like it's going out of style (which it's not, btw). So, say goodbye to hiding in the cereal aisle and hello to a stress-free salon experience!

Our team is a tight-knit crew that's all about learning, sharing, and staying on top of the latest trends and techniques. Plus, we're passionate about giving back to our community and doing our part to protect the planet.

When it comes to pricing, we've got you covered. Our rates are determined by stylist demand and education, so you can find an incredible artist at any budget. Need help finding the perfect stylist? Give us a shout – we're always happy to help!


Ready to meet the squad? Check out each team member's bio below.

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