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Why did you become a hairdresser?

I chose the hair industry to make others feel confident and beautiful about themselves. I have a passion for creativity, and pursing hair made perfect sense.


What is your favourite type of hair to do ?

I love creating beautiful blondes, and designing the perfect shape for curly hair. I'm creative with hair tattooing as well! I also love bringing out one of the best human features - the eyes! I do total brow rehab, waxing and tinting and lash tinting as well, which is the perfect compliment to an amazing hairstyle!


What's your life motto?

"Stop and smell the roses" and "Live your life to the fullest". Both of them became my motto after losing my mom in 2014, which was the hardest milestone in my life thus far. It shaped me into who I am today, and helped me realize life is too short and to never take the people you love for granted. Even though life is busy we need to slow down and enjoy all those little things!

Why do you love working at Revamp?

We are all like minded people and all share a passion for hair. We have amazing education offered to us, and are taught to work smarter - not harder.