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As a teen Celene always loved everything beauty, and when she told her family she wanted to be a hairstylist their response was full of support, but also reservation. "We don't want to see you struggle financially", her parents said.  Celene pushed onward anyways, and made it her life mission to prove that hairstyling could be a lucrative and rewarding job.  One of her defining moments was when her father was fighting a battle with brain cancer was receiving a haircut - he looked up at her and said "You are doing exactly what you were meant to do." His realization that this industry really is full of opportunity, inspired her to help others see it too.

Joining forces as an educator with Redken, two years into her career would prove to be a life changing experience for Celene. A new world of never ending inspiration and education awaited, and Celene took it all in.  Her drive to keep evolving and learning led her to being a sought after facilitator not only across Canada, but into the United States.  Working in Las Vegas multiple years as a facilitator for the Redken Symposium, hosting 10,000 hairstylists from around the Globe was a humbling and exciting experience.  Becoming an Exchange Facilitating in 2018 at the world renowned Redken Exchange in New York City was a bucket list experience for Celene, and being a part of helping inspire students from as far away as Dubai still remains one of her career highlights. 

Her advice and knowledge is sought after, and has been published in multiple magazines (Candian Hair Dresser, Flare, HairDressers Journal - London, The KIT, Hello Magazine) in North America and Europe.

Opening Revamp Salon Company in 2014 was her opportunity to create an environment where she could mentor the industry and teach them how to provide amazing guest experience, give back to their communities and help others see their true beauty.




Visit Celene's website for Salon Professionals to read her blog or learn more about booking a class.

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